LED Vests

Our range of Flashing and Reflective Hi Visibility Safety Vests offer additional visibility by flashing brightly in low light conditions. As well as pro-activley flashing they all offer reflective strips and are available in bright dayglow colours.Included in the range we have an EN471 Class 2 Hi Visibility Vest with the additional feature of 8 Bright LED Flashing lights

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HVE16V 16 LED Flashing Safety Vest
Flashing LED Safety Vest  This orange proactive flashing LED safety vest is an excellent way t..
Prices £17.99
Ex Tax: £17.99
HVE6T Flashing LED Tabard Vest
This Led Flashing and Hi Visibility Tabard is widely liked by runners, joggers, cyclists and horse r..
Prices £14.99
Ex Tax: £14.99
HVE8VST LED Flashing Class 2 Safety Vest
LED Safety vest - EN471 Class 2 8 yellow/red Flashing Ultrabrite LED's 120 Flashes per minute Cl..
Prices £17.99
Ex Tax: £17.99
HVEPL9 LED Bandoleer
9 LED Flashing Safety Bandoleer 4"(100mm) wide Hi Vis Material 9 Ultrabrite LEDs set in a 2" (5..
Prices £16.99
Ex Tax: £16.99